Happy Wheels Walkthrough, Cheats & Guide

Happy Wheels Walkthrough, Cheats & Guide

Happy Wheels

What is Happy Wheels? It's an obstacle course game that has many similarities with other games, but what makes it special is the fact that it's based on physics and quite demanding. This also means that you're going to need some kind of guide to get you started! Here are some tips that should help you survive a bit longer.

Take it slow
You'll soon find out that it's easy to die while playing Happy Wheels. This is why you should always start really slow, and try to speed the game up gradually, especially when playing for the first time.

Mind your head
Your character will be wearing a helm, but that doesn't mean anything! The thing will fly off your head at the slightest bump, so always make sure it doesn't get hit, since this will result in you dying before you can do anything to save yourself.

Use the hot keys
Your speed will matter, and even after you've learned which keys to use, you'll probably still be too slow to survive for a longer period of time. This is why there are hot keys, the list of which you'll easily find on the web. To change Segway Guy's posture, for example, you'll need to press Shift and Ctrl.

Don't worry about your limbs
You'll get hurt a lot, that's for sure! But the only injuries that really matter are those of your head. This is why, in order to survive, you'll need to stop being so careful not to lose a leg or two.

Find out what you need to do
In Happy Wheels, each level has its ultimate goal, besides simply surviving. Most of them include a finish line, which is a sure sign of reaching the goal, but then there is one in which you're simply pushed off a cliff and sent into a bizarre free fall.

Jump to another level
It's recommended to start at the first level, since the game can be quite demanding even for seasoned players. You can, however, jump to another one at any point in time!

Speed it up or slow it down
If you're finding the game too slow or too fast, you can always go to the Max Particles settings and make some adjustments. This might increase your chances of surviving, but it will also affect the blood spatters.

Make it bloodier
Happy Wheels, since it's such a fun game that also features a lot of blood, even has a thing called blood setting. By changing this, you can either reduce or increase the level of blood that will be appearing while you play.

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